Tips for using a pressure washer for your area home

Regular upkeep and maintenance of your Vero Beach area home is one of the easiest ways to do simple home-improvement around the house. The need to replace or upgrade exterior materials such as vinyl siding, painted surfaces and fences can be extended by making sure that they have been properly cleaned, treated and maintained. One of the easiest ways to do this is by pressure washing exterior surfaces. I

In this article we would like to look at the uses of, and recommendation for, a non-commercial pressure washer for residential use. While you can go out and rent a commercial grade pressure washer or even purchase a commercial grade pressure washer, we have found that a quality non-commercial pressure washer for general residential use will help keep your Vero Beach home looking sharp.

Proper Use is a Must

When using a pressure washer you must understand the surfaces that you are going to be using the pressure washer on. Pressure washing multiple surfaces is a tricky process that can end up causing expensive damage to your Vero Beach home if not done properly. If you are not sure that the surface that you are going to clean with a pressure washer can handle the high pressure water and chemicals; you should hire a competent company to do it for you. The little extra that you’ll pay in labor charges will be much less than having to repaint the whole side of your house because the pressure washer damaged the paint.

If you have, for example, an older Vero Beach home that has painted wooden siding… chances are that improper pressure washing will damage the surface and strip the paint right off-the-wall. Painted surfaces are particularly susceptible to damage when using a pressure washer. Whether it’s a painted driveway, painted siding or painted fencing; the results are the same. Improper use of a pressure washer will rip the paint right off.

Now that we’ve discuss the biggest drawback… Let’s talk about use and advantages

The Ryobi 1,600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is a fair priced pressure washer for residential use. Sold at Home Depot in Vero Beach for around $120 this little handheld pressure washer packs a pretty good punch. It also represents most other pressure washers in this price range; so we will use it as a primary example.

With three pressure nozzles this pressure washer allows you to regulate for two levels of pressure washing and one nozzle for application of chemicals.

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The Agitator Nozzle

Most pressure washers in this price range offer an agitator nozzle for extra power when working on non-painted surfaces such as asphalt or concrete driveways, block masonry and brick. As seen in the video, the agitator swirls the water as it exits the pressure washer creating a vortex of pressurized water. While the impact pattern is only about 4” to 6” wide it is very effective at removing mold, grime, grease and oil stains as well as environmental build up often seen in the Vero Beach area. Used with the appropriate detergent, this is a very effective tool for removing contaminants from those types of dense materials.

NOTE: Do not use this nozzle on painted surfaces no matter how well the surface is painted. It will more than likely rip paint off with 1,600 PSI of pressurized water; unless that is your intention. If your needing the strip the paint off your Vero Beach house this would be an effective way of doing so; however, it also makes a pretty big mess of all the paint chips flying all over the place.

The Standard Spray Nozzle

Most pressure washers in this price range offer a nozzle ideal for pressure washing painted surfaces, aluminum siding, windows, rims on a car and similar applications. Used with the appropriate detergent, this wedge nozzle allows a 4” to 10” spray pattern that will allow you to quickly clean vinyl siding; giving your Vero Beach home a fresh new look.

NOTE: When using this nozzle on painted surfaces, use a little caution. While this nozzle is not as powerful as the agitator nozzle it does still pack a pretty good punch. If there are any flakes or exposed areas on the painted surface, the water can get underneath and start stripping the paint. When using this nozzle in combination with detergent for a painted surface, make sure that you have inspected the area that you wish to pressure wash thoroughly. Proper inspection may keep you from a larger problem than just cleaning.

The Chemical Applicator Nozzle

The chemical applicator is nothing more than a restrictor that sprays the chemical, soap or heavy detergent, onto your surface. Our example Pressure Washer has a detergent container that is designed to release the solution with a water mixture with the low-pressure nozzle.

NOTE: Do not use bleach. Over a period of time, use of bleach will damage the internal lining of the hoses and decrease the life of the Pressure Washer. It may also avoid the warranty. Use the recommended detergent that is concentrated to work specifically for Pressure Washers. For heavier soiled areas you can use a separate spray bottle, with the chemical of your choice, to help cut through the dirt or stain.

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