Reasons to Choose a Professional Bathroom Remodel

So you have decided to do some home improvement projects, great! When it comes to home improvement projects in the Vero Beach area one of the first rooms homeowners will consider upgrading is the bathroom.

Whether you are planning on staying in your home for many years to come or looking for ways to better the value of the home for resale, a bathroom remodeling project is the perfect place to start. Updating or remodeling your bathroom can help with storage, energy efficiency, modernizing the appearance and more. Whether the common bathroom or the master bathroom, a remodeling project provides many benefits for your family and your guests.

A leap of faith

With so many bathroom remodeling companies serving the Vero Beach area, many consider a remodeling project a leap of faith: Who can I trust? What kind of reputation do they have? Will they finish what they started? These questions and more flood through a homeowner’s mind when choosing a trusted bathroom remodeling company to come into their home.

To make it easier to choose the right bathroom remodeling company for your Vero Beach area home, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Does the owner personally write all estimates rather than a salesman working on commission?
  • Are they Locally Owned and Operated in the Vero Beach area?
  • Do they provide a warranty on labor and materials?
  • Do they have in in-house design capabilities?
  • Are they fully insured?
  • Do they only use only top products from name brand manufactures with identifiable warranties?

The answers to these questions will help you decide if the bathroom remodeling service you allow into your home will provide you with the products and services you need for your Vero Beach area home.

Some Big Reasons to Choose to Remodel your Bathroom

As mentioned above there are many reasons to remodel your bathroom in the Vero Beach area but over the years we have found four main reasons why our customers have chosen to have their bathroom remodeled.

Increasing the Value of the Home

Let’s face it, there is much debate in the bathroom remodeling industry as to whether a bathroom update really does increase the value of the home. While some estimators will say that if the bathroom is intact and functioning it equates the same value as a fully remodeled bathroom, the actual sales numbers do not support that opinion. Sources such as the 2013 edition of remodeling magazine discovered that homeowners that have an updated, modernize bathroom found that they were able to recoup 54% through 65% of their investment. While they were not able to tack on 100% of the value of their upgrade, it did bring the total value of the home of proportionately as well.

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Home Buyers Look for Remodeled Bathrooms

Just like when buying a used car, it comes down to mileage and options. If there are two or three homes for sale in the same area in Vero Beach, the one that has the newest and most modern features will generally get the sale every time. A proper bathroom remodeling project can really put the wow factor in any home as it is also one of the first places that a potential home buyer will look.

Energy Efficiency

With the bathroom being one of the most used rooms in the home energy efficiency becomes a big deal. Part of any professional bathroom remodeling project should include the updating of the lighting and plumbing fixtures. The Environmental Protection Agency has calculated that if 1 in 10 homes have a bathroom remodeling project completed to include energy efficient fixtures that it would save 70 billion gallons of water and $1.5 billion worth of energy costs!

Better Organization

Not only does the bathroom “date” the home but it can also contribute to clutter and storage issues. Bathrooms built 15 to 30 years ago commonly leaned more attention to colors than it did convenience. Part of any bathroom remodeling upgrade should be a well thought out plan for proper storage to help decrease clutter and increase efficiency of the bathroom. Be sure to talk to your home improvement specialist at Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More in Vero Beach about clever ways to design a bathroom that will provide ample storage to decrease clutter.

Local Craftsmanship Matters

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More provides bathroom remodeling and home improvement services to Vero Beach and surrounding areas. While we have the expertise in all areas of home improvement we specialize in bathroom remodeling, interior & exterior painting and custom woodworking. Satisfied customers rave about the extreme quality of our workmanship while not losing the customer service approach. We don’t use pushy salesman that drive for a quota, each bathroom remodeling project we do is quoted by the owner personally to ensure a consistent, stress free experience.

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