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    Every once and awhile a bathroom remodel needs the something special, a custom touch; other times an odd size keeps standard bathroom cabinets from fitting leaving unsightly gaps. Custom woodworking can fill these needs and more.

    Our expertise begins with a personal visit from the owner to talk about the needs, your ideas, materials and options to make your custom woodworking dreams come true. From that first handshake you will feel confident that you’ve hired an expert that will be there every step of the way through clean-up to make sure the job is done right! Because custom woodworking jobs often are “custom” we work diligently emphasizing the prep work needed to make everything fit together.

    You can really tell when a craftsman has completed a custom woodworking job… it’s literally a work of art!

    Custom Woodworking turns a house into a home

    Custom woodworking can be anything from shaping a grand staircase, cabinets, doors, shelves, molding, tables; whatever really that needs to be crafted where “store bought” or an “original” is simply not practical. Oft times a basement living space sizes simply won’t work with traditional materials; this is where a custom woodworking project can bring value and comfort to your home.

    Our expert Custom Woodworking services include the following:

    • Design Assistance: For years people have relied on our experience in building custom cabinet, mantels, trim and more for your home. Our personalized service is quite necessary when dealing with a custom woodworking project.

    • Trim: We know that out of the box materials many times won’t work on custom projects so we work with you to locate or replicate moldings and trim. As part of our complete services we will remove old trim, clean and prep the areas making needed repairs as part of a total job.

    • Built-Ins: A Custom built-in unit can be done from architectural blueprints, owners drawing or our own shop drawings. The estimator will cover ALL aspects of the design to make sure the job runs smoothly.

    • Mantels: Whether you have a custom mantel or store bought; painted or stained – we can take care of it. We can even modify a pre-owned/ antique mantel for a proper fit to a new fireplace.

    • Roll outs: We can convert any shelf to a roll out. A maple dovetail drawer with a clear finish is the best value, although many styles to choose from.

    • Shelving: Custom built to specifications with expert installation, turn your wasted space into a workable and beautiful storage area.

    • Wainscoting: This is one of our favorite things to do. Competitively price with a great, traditional look, many finishing options are naturally available

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