Custom Closets and Closet Organizers

We can custom build to anything you need using any type of wood:
Oak, Maple, Cherry, Alder, Hickory, Walnut, Popular, Soft Maple, Hard Maple, you name it!

Benefits of Having a Custom Closet

It is time to de-stress! You want your home to provide relaxation and a good way to achieve that is organization. Even better? When Treasure Coast takes care of it for you! First, our expert team will come out and take measurements of the space and get an idea of what you need for storage. Next, we will provide you with some options of what will help get you organized and keep you organized. After that, we’ll get the project started and you’ll be one step closer to a happier home.

Check out our Custom Closet Gallery for ideas:
Custom Closet Gallery

Will Custom Closet Organization Really Help?

Absolutely! How much time have you spent in frustration, digging through your belongings… trying to find that perfect outfit for a get-together? Think of those times that you have looked at your closet and thought, I’m just too exhausted to deal with this right now.

There’s no need to go through all that time-consuming, stress any longer. We will build you an easy-to-organize space that will bring a peaceful, warm, and inviting feeling to your home. Time is precious and your home is your sanctuary. Give us a call at (772) 321-7390

It’s not just about recreating a nonfunctional space. It’s about creating an organized custom closet space that you’ll absolutely love!

Are Custom Closet Organizers Worth The Cost?

A custom-designed closet with all your clothing, footwear, and accessories in sight and at arm’s reach is a dream come true for most people. Your closet is more than just storage space. It’s a place you can enjoy spending time in and showing it off to friends. Our team of experts can provide you with this highly sought-after space at a competitive price. Contact us for more details.

Above and beyond the tranquility that our custom-designed closets will bring, this new space will also increase the value of your home. Good storage makes your home much more attractive to prospective buyers in the future if you decide to sell. Whether you are adding one custom closet or several, you are adding value to your life and your home.

Tips For Designing Your New Closet

Notice what type of organization you like best.

  • Do you like to see everything at a glance?
  • Do you prefer to close drawers and doors for a more defined space?

More stuff often equals more stress.

  • Sort through your belongings and donate anything that you’ve been keeping because it’s valuable, but not something you’d actually wear or need.
  • Remember this priceless tip: if you don’t need it, use it, or want it, let it go! Do not overburden yourself with unused things.

It’s easier to stay organized once you are organized. We can help you achieve the organization you need. Call us at (772) 321-7390

What is the best way to organize my closet?

Although there are many types and styles of custom organizers, our experts can help you choose what is best for you. We find that most people make the following choices when designing their customized closet space.

Variety of Storage

  • Double hanging rods tend to give you twice the amount of hanging area for your everyday clothing.
  • Adjustable shelves are great for holding your folded clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Vertical Space

  • We find that having an elevated rod at either end of your closet for hanging long items like dresses, long skirts, and suits is a good idea.
  • Put shelving at the top of your closet, above the hanging rods, to make sure all available space is put to good use.

Hidden Storage

  • Eliminate the need for extra furniture by adding drawers for a built-in dresser.
  • Keep your closet space tidy by tucking away accessories, socks, and pajamas in the hidden storage areas.

Personalize the Space

  • Remember to add plugin storage and take inventory of any special items that need unique spacing.
  • Love shoes? Add lots of shelving. If you’d like a closet with self-expression, add adjustable shelving for a vanity. Business guru? You’ll need more rods for ample hanging.

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For more ideas, go to our Custom Closets Gallery.

We are available for consultation on the best solutions for customizing your closets. Contact us for more information.


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