Custom Cabinets & Woodworking for your home

As a professional bathroom remodeling company serving Vero Beach and surrounding areas we are often asked what, out of the many bathroom remodeling services we offer, is our favorite thing to do; and I would have to say it is our custom woodworking services. While many of the things that we do offer creative opportunities, custom woodworking for Vero Beach and surrounding area homes allows us to think outside the box in order to bring a creation from paper to perfection.

Custom vs. Pre-made

Over the years it seems that we’ve become such a prepackaged society. Our fast food is pre-packaged, entire neighborhoods being built with cookie-cutter homes; furniture, cabinets and fixtures are all pre-designed, pre-assembled to standard colors and sizes. With this much pre-made madness some might say that custom woodworking in Vero Beach and surrounding areas is a dying art; I disagree. If anything, it makes the comparison and value of custom woodworking that much more special.

When a visitor to your Vero Beach home walks into a room where Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More has crafted a custom cabinet, vanity or shelving, their eyes are immediately drawn to the custom woodworking. For those Vero Beach homes where we’ve had the opportunity to design and create custom trim, built-in cabinetry, rollouts and wainscoting; the house takes on a level of elegance and personality that turns a cookie-cutter house into a one-of-a-kind home.

Thinking Outside the Box

Custom woodworking in the Vero Beach area is, often times, the best solution when trying to get the most usable space out of a room. For example, a renovated third floor with angled walls is nearly impossible to try to find a store-bought cabinet that will work without creating wasted space; however, a custom woodworking project would be able to measure, design and create a cabinet storage area that utilizes all of the available space, getting the most use out of the area. Custom woodworking often challenges us to think outside the box to look for solutions that would meet each individual need and expectation.

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Merging the Old with the New

One of the areas that Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More in the Vero Beach area excels is taking antique fixtures, such as an antique vanity or dresser, and retool or re-engineer it to work in a modern environment. This level of custom woodworking takes a steady hand with a well designed plan as this “zero-tolerance” project is crafted.

Many antique pieces are unusable in their current state and even restored may not have the structural integrity to be used as a daily component; however, when we repurpose antiques to function in a modern roll it brings the satisfaction of a custom woodworking project all the more enjoyable.

Local Workmanship

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More provides bathroom remodeling and home improvement services to Vero Beach and surrounding areas. While we have the expertise in all areas of home improvement we specialize in bathroom remodeling, interior & exterior painting and custom woodworking. Satisfied customers rave about the extreme quality of our workmanship while not losing the customer service approach. We don’t use pushy salesman that drive for a quota, each bathroom remodeling project we do is quoted by the owner personally to ensure a consistent, stress free experience.

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