Should I use a Custom Carpenter or buy from a Box Store

With any home improvement job, remodeling project or area update part of the decision-making process is the cost associated with the different products utilized as part of the build. Over the last few years at Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More,  this become a rather contentious subject. A large portion of a home remodeling project budget is often used in the quantity and quality of cabinets, trim work and mantle pieces; just to name a few.

Box stores have been providing prefabricated materials for years, so as the quality of these prefabricated box store items have become better. Enter the question:

“Should I utilize the services of a carpenter versus those prefabricated products from a box store?”

In this article we will cover the advantages and disadvantages for each. This will help your decision-making process for your bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or other update for your home. This can be an important factor that we take into consideration when quoting your project at Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More. Cost vs. expectation will dictate the long term success and satisfaction of your remodeling project.

Box Store

Box Stores are Here to Stay

Box stores such as: Lowe’s, Home Depot, Cosco and Sam’s Club have steadily increased the quantity of home-improvement products they are able to provide. Prefabricated cabinets, countertops, storage bins, doors, trim, closet kits, fireplace surrounds, mantles and shelving have flooded the market in a variety of textures, materials and sizes to fit nearly any space and budget. Because so many have turned to this affordable option, box stores are here to stay.

The Advantage of using Prefabricated Products from a Box Store

The advantages are quite simple: cost and availability. Prefabricated products traditionally work well; having been manufactured utilizing laser precision techniques and are available in a variety of different colors, sizes and textures. Because they are mass-produced the price can be significantly lower than products that have been custom manufactured. For those home-improvement customers working on a small budget this may be an option that is recommended by Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More.

The Disadvantages of using Prefabricated Products from a Box Store

Careful consideration should be made when utilizing prefabricated products from a box store. While the advantages are clear, the disadvantages can easily show up over just a short period of time. Prefabricated products traditionally use substandard materials such as: plastic, pressboard, poplar wood and pine. These products are cheaper and can effect structural integrity over a short period of time. (Depending on use, within 3 years noticeable signs of fatigue can be observed.) 

Because most of your prefabricated products are going to be pre-sized for a standard fit; your final fit may not be exactly what you want. The prefabricated product may end up being just a little too long or a little too short for the purpose that you needed. Textures and colors are generally chemically manipulated, meaning that they can lose their appearance quickly based upon use.

Craftsmanship is Still Alive

If you open up a phone book you’ll find carpenters and craftsmen that specialize in woodworking and custom projects are few and far between. Because of the flood of prefabricated products into the home improvement market, many craftsmen have faded into the background; but some are still here. While there are customers, because of cost, that would choose prefabricated materials; the final product simply cannot compare to the craftsmanship of a true master carpenter.

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Carpentry is an art

A master carpenter can go beyond constructing a cabinet or mantle to the creation of a work of art. A master carpenter will use fitment techniques and hand selected woods that will bring true color, texture and durability that will last for many years to come. A master carpenter has the skill to work within various types of wood finishes and projects such as: handcrafted built-in units, custom closet designs, porch designs, trim work, cabinetry, fireplace mantle and surround, custom table, wainscot and the manipulation of repurposed woods to create one-of-a-kind products.

The Advantages of using a Skilled Carpenter

The advantages of using the skills of the carpenter can be noted in the final product. When placed side-by-side with a prefabricated cabinet; the use of materials, textures and quality that come from the skill set of a carpenter are easily seen. When working with areas that have unique shapes and sizes such as attics, basements, kitchen cabinets, mantles, built-ins and closets; the skills of a carpenter really do come through. One huge advantage that is considered during the estimation process by Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More is the style of the home. Because this area has homes that are built or crafted into a certain style such as: contemporary, modern or traditional; the need of a skilled carpenter to create a product that matches the style becomes clear.

The Disadvantages of using a Skilled Carpenter

The only disadvantage that one might consider is the costs that are often associated with the utilization of a master carpenter. Because a master carpenter traditionally will use much higher quality materials, as well as, the need for the labor to custom assemble and craft the project; the prices are going to be higher than purchasing a prefabricated product.

Things to Consider

Now that we have looked at the advantages and disadvantages of both prefabricated products versus those products crafted by a master carpenter… It really does come down to just a few things to consider:

  • Cost – reality is if you’re working within a budget you must weigh the costs.

  • Quality – does the use of the project warrant the utilization of a quality manufactured product?

  • Use – is your project going to be used a lot, like a bathroom or kitchen?

  • Appearance and style – will the use of prefabricated materials fit the style and quality level of your home? At the end of the day you don’t want to put cheap products into a $500,000 home that in comparison to the products already in the home would stick out like a sore thumb. (Not to mention bringing down the value of the home if it’s a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project)

  • Space – is the area in which you need the product an odd shape or size that will require a custom build.

When it comes to the choice of using prefabricated cabinets, built-ins, closets, porches, doors, fireplace mantles and surrounds and other similar projects… You really do get what you pay for.

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Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More is a full service home remodeling company specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. When we add the “More” to our name, we really mean MORE! In-home design, custom woodworking, flooring and painting are just some of the diverse services offered. Be sure to call our locally owned and operated home remodeling service to get your next update on your Vero Beach area home quoted! We back all of our services by an industry leading warranty and only use top branded materials to ensure quality.


Tips for using a pressure washer for your area home

Regular upkeep and maintenance of your Vero Beach area home is one of the easiest ways to do simple home-improvement around the house. The need to replace or upgrade exterior materials such as vinyl siding, painted surfaces and fences can be extended by making sure that they have been properly cleaned, treated and maintained. One of the easiest ways to do this is by pressure washing exterior surfaces. I

In this article we would like to look at the uses of, and recommendation for, a non-commercial pressure washer for residential use. While you can go out and rent a commercial grade pressure washer or even purchase a commercial grade pressure washer, we have found that a quality non-commercial pressure washer for general residential use will help keep your Vero Beach home looking sharp.

Proper Use is a Must

When using a pressure washer you must understand the surfaces that you are going to be using the pressure washer on. Pressure washing multiple surfaces is a tricky process that can end up causing expensive damage to your Vero Beach home if not done properly. If you are not sure that the surface that you are going to clean with a pressure washer can handle the high pressure water and chemicals; you should hire a competent company to do it for you. The little extra that you’ll pay in labor charges will be much less than having to repaint the whole side of your house because the pressure washer damaged the paint.

If you have, for example, an older Vero Beach home that has painted wooden siding… chances are that improper pressure washing will damage the surface and strip the paint right off-the-wall. Painted surfaces are particularly susceptible to damage when using a pressure washer. Whether it’s a painted driveway, painted siding or painted fencing; the results are the same. Improper use of a pressure washer will rip the paint right off.

Now that we’ve discuss the biggest drawback… Let’s talk about use and advantages

The Ryobi 1,600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is a fair priced pressure washer for residential use. Sold at Home Depot in Vero Beach for around $120 this little handheld pressure washer packs a pretty good punch. It also represents most other pressure washers in this price range; so we will use it as a primary example.

With three pressure nozzles this pressure washer allows you to regulate for two levels of pressure washing and one nozzle for application of chemicals.

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The Agitator Nozzle

Most pressure washers in this price range offer an agitator nozzle for extra power when working on non-painted surfaces such as asphalt or concrete driveways, block masonry and brick. As seen in the video, the agitator swirls the water as it exits the pressure washer creating a vortex of pressurized water. While the impact pattern is only about 4” to 6” wide it is very effective at removing mold, grime, grease and oil stains as well as environmental build up often seen in the Vero Beach area. Used with the appropriate detergent, this is a very effective tool for removing contaminants from those types of dense materials.

NOTE: Do not use this nozzle on painted surfaces no matter how well the surface is painted. It will more than likely rip paint off with 1,600 PSI of pressurized water; unless that is your intention. If your needing the strip the paint off your Vero Beach house this would be an effective way of doing so; however, it also makes a pretty big mess of all the paint chips flying all over the place.

The Standard Spray Nozzle

Most pressure washers in this price range offer a nozzle ideal for pressure washing painted surfaces, aluminum siding, windows, rims on a car and similar applications. Used with the appropriate detergent, this wedge nozzle allows a 4” to 10” spray pattern that will allow you to quickly clean vinyl siding; giving your Vero Beach home a fresh new look.

NOTE: When using this nozzle on painted surfaces, use a little caution. While this nozzle is not as powerful as the agitator nozzle it does still pack a pretty good punch. If there are any flakes or exposed areas on the painted surface, the water can get underneath and start stripping the paint. When using this nozzle in combination with detergent for a painted surface, make sure that you have inspected the area that you wish to pressure wash thoroughly. Proper inspection may keep you from a larger problem than just cleaning.

The Chemical Applicator Nozzle

The chemical applicator is nothing more than a restrictor that sprays the chemical, soap or heavy detergent, onto your surface. Our example Pressure Washer has a detergent container that is designed to release the solution with a water mixture with the low-pressure nozzle.

NOTE: Do not use bleach. Over a period of time, use of bleach will damage the internal lining of the hoses and decrease the life of the Pressure Washer. It may also avoid the warranty. Use the recommended detergent that is concentrated to work specifically for Pressure Washers. For heavier soiled areas you can use a separate spray bottle, with the chemical of your choice, to help cut through the dirt or stain.

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More… Much More

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More is a full service home remodeling company specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. When we add the “More” to our name, we really mean MORE! In-home design, custom woodworking, flooring and painting are just some of the diverse services offered. Be sure to call our locally owned and operated home remodeling service to get your next update on your Vero Beach area home quoted! We back all of our services by an industry leading warranty and only use top branded materials to ensure quality.


Tips for choosing the right tile for your area home

Tile is one of those home-improvement projects that can last the life of your home in Vero Beach, so making the right choice is very important. With so many different colors, sizes and shapes available from Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More, serving Vero Beach and surrounding areas; we would like to give you some things to consider to make your choices a little easier.

Fashions Come and Go

Have you ever visited a home and walked into the bathroom with pea green tiles? Or a kitchen area that has yellow checkered tiles? Back in the 1970s in Vero Beach these were common and popular color schemes to use in homes, but today, not so much. Because tiles are, more or less, a permanent option; choosing the correct color, pattern or design is a very important decision.

Choosing a themed pattern or color scheme means that if you change your mind in a few years, you will also need to change the tiles as well; which can be costly. We recommend choosing tile colors that are neutral, allowing for accents of the bathroom or kitchen to complete the total appearance that you are looking for. Neutral settings also help with the resell value of the home.

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Choosing the Right Tile in the Vero Beach area

Choosing the right tile not only sets the mood for the room of your home in the Vero Beach area; but also can help for practical use and budget. With a variety of different materials to choose from you can help pick the right material for not only the conditions but also for the style of the home.

Travertine – Best for specialty products because each tile has a little bit of its own character

Ceramic – Most widely used ceramic tile is available in a large variety of colors and textures. Because of its expansive use it is also the most budget minded of the choices.

Porcelain – Valued for its durability porcelain tiles can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Faux Wood – Becoming more popular, this Faux Wood is made of either ceramic or porcelain tiles and is crafted to give the appearance of wood. This makes for a great alternative for those traditional homes that one a traditional look but the durability of ceramic or porcelain.

Slate – The warm earth tones of a slate floor can really make the culture of the home standout. Both durable and versatile slate is a great option when looking for a really unique floor tile setting.

Marble – Nothing says elegance like a marble floor. Available in a wide variety of styles and textures marble is a great choice for those looking for an upscale, yet durable, floor setting.

Granite – As a floor tile granite is a great option when needing to add a little extra insulation to your floor setting. Because of granite’s unique color tones you can provide a warm, cultured floor setting without traditionally breaking the budget.

Pebbles and Stones – Traditionally arranged in a mosaic form a pebble and stone setting allows natural tones and unique shapes to dominate, while adding the durable elegance. Mostly seen in bathrooms this technique can be mixed with other types of tile settings to bring in extremely unique presence to any home.

Onyx – Unique and elegant, Onyx is a softer stone with a transparent quality that is unique to this type of tile setting. Best suited for light traffic areas this type of tile offers a quiet undertone of color all getting a smooth elegant feel.

Quartzite – Probably the most durable of all your tile selections is a quartzite floor. While known best for its commercial applications a quartzite floor can provide a little bit of that rough texture and rigidity to any home. Available in a wide variety of colors quartzite tiles can be a great accent when utilizing wood or stone interior designs.

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More… Much More

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More is a full service home remodeling company specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. When we add the “More” to our name, we really mean MORE! In-home design, custom woodworking, flooring and painting are just some of the diverse services offered. Be sure to call our locally owned and operated home remodeling service to get your next update on your Vero Beach area home quoted! We back all of our services by an industry leading warranty and only use top branded materials to ensure quality.

Exterior Painting is more than just paint on the walls

When most people in the Vero Beach area think about exterior painting, they naturally think about painting walls, but there is so much more. Offering professional exterior painting services, Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More can show you many things that can be painted to look like new again. The time honored techniques and experience we have gleaned make us the perfect solution for your exterior painting needs.

To help understand they many great uses for exterior painting, we have prepared some info to consider when looking to give the exterior of your Vero Beach area home and update.

Exterior Paint Surfaces

When one thinks of exterior painting in the Vero Beach area the first thing that often comes to mind is painting a house. While this is a common service that is provided by Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More, there is much more to painting than just slapping some paint on the wall. When painting the exterior of a home or business one would need to consider the material that you are painting on, as well as the quality of paint that is being applied. Some of the types of exterior finishes that we can paint are:

  • Stucco
  • Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding
  • Doors & Windows
  • Fascia and Eaves
  • Wood & Vinyl Shutters
  • Architectural Wood & Wrought Iron
  • Fences, Railings
  • Decks, and Patio Covers
  • Driveways and walkways (concrete)
  • and more

Each of these require different techniques to make sure that the color and texture are correct and will last for years to come.

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Preparation of Surfaces

Each of the exterior surfaces that we paint all require special preparation to make sure that the paint properly adheres to its surface, especially in the unpredictable Vero Beach climate. Some surfaces require an additional chemical to serve as a bonding agent between the paint and the surface.

Other areas that are more porous will require a sealer so that the paint does not soak into the material causing discoloration and spotty areas.

The experience that Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More speaks to our final product knowing that each brush stroke ads to our reputation of perfection. We work hard to make sure that every paint project that we take on has been professionally completed utilizing time honored workmanship, experience and technique; so that the final application will be durable and last.

Repairing as Needed

In some cases, the surface we are to paint may require repair prior to painting. These repairs are part of our of our preparation process. Because we are a full-service home-improvement and construction company, we do not need to hire other contractor services to repairs. When dealing with stucco, wood or other services that are common to chip or become damaged, we can repair or replace these items prior to the application of paint. This full service ability saves you money, not needing to hire multiple contractors to complete a painting project.

Additional Exterior Painting Services

When considering exterior painting in the Vero Beach area, some don’t realize that there are other things that can be painted to look new again. Surfaces such as wrought iron, metal security doors, security bars, metal window frames, metal doors, metal fences and gates can all be given new life with a fresh coat of professionally applied paint. We also can handle additional surfaces such as staining and finishing natural woods found in thresholds, decks, rails, doors and windows.

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More… Much More

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More is a full service home remodeling company specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. When we add the “More” to our name, we really mean MORE! In-home design, custom woodworking, flooring and painting are just some of the diverse services offered. Be sure to call our locally owned and operated home remodeling service to get your next update on your Vero Beach area home quoted! We back all of our services by an industry leading warranty and only use top branded materials to ensure quality.


Professional Painting Tips

You can’t become Vero Beach’s premier bathroom remodeling, painting and more company without developing some tricks of the trade… It doesn’t matter what the home-improvement commercials say, just buying professional grade products does not make a professional outcome.

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More, providing professional paint surfaces to the Vero Beach area, has earned the reputation for not only using professional grade products, but professional grade people as well. For those that wish to try their hand at painting we would like to give you a few useful tips to help you out with your home painting project in Vero Beach.

Purchase Quality Materials

The reason for painting your bathroom sometimes can determine how much you’re going to spend on paint and materials. If you’re painting your bathroom for a house that you’re going to sell, you’re going to be less motivated to purchase top quality paint products; however for those that are going to keep their home for a while or want to have the quality colors that stand out, you need to make sure that you purchase quality paint and materials.

While the big-box stores might have the best advertised price, they may not necessarily have the best quality materials for those that are wanting to do the job right. If your area is fortunate to have a paint retail store such as Porter Paints, we recommend using them. You might spend a few more dollars here and there on paint and materials but the final result will be a paint that matches the surface that you are painting, as well as, the quality that will keep you from needing the do the job with multiple coats.

Professionals such as Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More knows that choosing the best quality materials will not only provide you with a better result, but will last for many years to come.

Take Time to Prep the Walls

Daddy used to always say “there is never enough time to do it right, but there always seems to be enough time to do it over” … meaning that you should take your time and do it right the first time.

  • Clean your walls, ceilings, trim, windows, window trim and baseboards before you begin. Paint doesn’t apply very well to dirty surfaces so take some time to clean your surfaces with soap and water and let air dry overnight prior to beginning.

  • Fill in holes with spackle and sand as needed to make sure that there are no imperfections in the surface. When sanding, use a high grit paper as to not damage the drywall. Even with good quality paint, cracks and holes still show. Some paints may require primer so that it keeps the color of the paint that you chose consistent and vibrant, especially on darker walls.

  • Some surfaces, such as concrete, may require an additional product to make the walls receive paint more easily. Be sure to research this aspect fully before you put your first coat of paint on a concrete wall.

  • Take the time to mask off the areas that you don’t want painted, remove light covers and socket covers rather than taping them and tape the fixture instead. Avoid using plastic to cover the floors when you’re painting. This can become slippery easily. We recommend to use drop cloths.

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Painting Ceilings

Ceilings can be a little tricky as in some areas it is popular to have a textured ceiling. When painting a textured ceiling make sure to use a thick nap roller so that it covers the irregularities of the textured ceiling. Using a thicker paint specifically made for ceilings will make your life a lot easier as the thinner paints tend to drip, making quite a mess of things.

Time Saving Tips

  • There is a product on the market that is a real time saver, it is a paint edger that has two nylon wheels on the side so you can avoid having to tape certain areas, like trim and baseboards.

  • Use a 2” angle brush for corners to avoid scraping the edges, use a steady hand and make sure you go back over to get rid of any excess buildup.

  • Unless you’re using multiple people, skip the paint trays and use a 5 gallon bucket with a roller screen.

  • For gallon buckets of paint, take a finishing nail and poke a few holes into the crevices that the lid snaps into, this will allow the paint to drip back down inside instead of splattering when you put the lid back on.

When Experience Counts

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More provides bathroom remodeling services for Vero Beach and surrounding areas. We have earned a reputation for high quality workmanship and customer service. Before you spend too much time buying materials and getting ready to paint, give us a call and provide you with a free quote for painting. We feel that our affordable quotes, both for painting as well as the other home-improvement based services that we provide, are competitive and fair for the high quality service and namebrand materials that we utilize. We also backup our workmanship with warranty so you can have peace in mind with every project that we perform.

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