Quickly Upgrading Any Kitchen with Cabinet Refacing

Needing an easy way to add change to your kitchen? A quick and affordable solution to adding a new feel or upgrading your kitchen is through cabinet refacing. Refacing cabinets is the replacement of just the doors and hardware on your current cabinets. Imagine taking off all the cabinet doors and having new ones installed in place of the old ones. Cabinet refacing is a great option to a kitchen upgrade.

Another reason cabinet refacing is the right choice for many homeowners is the ability to have the project completed in much shorter time frames. Cabinet refacing is a easy and much faster service offered by home remodeling companies. Not to mention replacing just the cabinet doors is more cost efficient too! Not everyone can afford a full replacement of kitchen cabinets or kitchen remodels. Opting to just renew the kitchen with cabinet reface job may be smarter for some.

Cabinet Refacing is the best way to upgrade your kitchen or home with the advantage of saving money and time.

In this article you will understand what Cabinet Refacing is fully and if it is something you want to consider as an upgrade for your home.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Like mentioned earlier, cabinet refacing entails just replacement of the doors on the existing cabinets you have in your home. You would leave the frames and other areas remain and have brand new cabinet doors installed. The kitchen layout and the frames to the existing cabinets in your kitchen would remain while the doors and drawers are replaced with new ones. This is a very practical upgrade to any home. Not to mention much less time is needed to do a kitchen cabinet refacing project. Also, refacing your cabinets is highly economical.

Keep in mind, refacing cabinets in a kitchen or other room is always a great choice as long as the current conditions of the cabinet structures are in good shape. Many times there can be hidden damage such as water damage, warped or rotted wood or frames would not be ideal to leave it. It may be difficult to determine if the cabinet frames are in acceptable shape to have the cabinet doors refaced. Luckily a professional cabinetry company can easily determine this for you.

Pros of Choosing to Reface your Cabinets 

These following points are great Pros to consider if interested in Refacing your Cabinets in your home:

  • Keep the same layout of the kitchen but have the new cabinet look.
  • Color change- Cabinet refacing is smart if you want new colors in the kitchen.
  • Quicker finish time than remodeling the kitchen.
  • Affordable option.
  • Many choices to choose from for new doors and colors.

Again, Cabinet refacing is a perfect choice for you if you need a quicker upgrade to your kitchen or perhaps you are working with a smaller budget. Replacing your cabinet doors is the affordable and faster choice to any cabinet upgrade project.

Homeowners know to always call the most highly recommended and reputable cabinetry company for cabinet refacing projects, Treasure Coast Cabinetry and More! Call today and schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas for your home.

Kitchen Remodeling for Vero Beach Homeowners

In most homes throughout the Treasure Coast and Vero Beach, the Kitchen is the heart of the home. Kitchens are typically the hive to daily activities such as cooking, eating, talking, homework sessions, lunch packing, and so much more.

Throughout the years of living inside your home common wear and tear is normal in any kitchen. Some simple issues Vero Beach homeowners experience are outdated kitchen interiors.

Kitchen remodeling is the best solution to keeping the room fresh and updated. There are several ways to make your kitchen more enjoyable. Here are common solutions:

  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Flooring
  • Custom Cabinet and Closet Designs
  • Storage Solutions
  • Lighting

Not always will a kitchen need a full remodel, many times homeowners will choose what’s mostly important to them. For example, cabinet refacing is a very easy, simple, and cost-effective way to upgrading the kitchen space.

The first most important factor with Kitchen Remodeling in Vero Beach FL is to always hire an insured remodeling expert.

At Treasure Coast Cabinetry and More, you will find only the most experienced home remodeling professionals with exceptional talents. Holding all proper insurance, you will be at ease knowing you are in the best of hands. Whether you may need simple home remodeling services to full home renewal, Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More is your finest choice.

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  • Remodeling Bathrooms with Smart Designs

    Bathroom Designs

    Let’s admit, your bathroom is kind of a special space in your home. When you think about it, tons of hours are spent inside your bathroom, whether you’re enjoying a hot bath or getting ready for work…

    The design and style of your bathroom can be very important to many Vero Beach residents. Many Vero Beach or Treasure Coast residents desire to have the stylish bathrooms like shown in high end magazines, but we cannot forget about functionality of the room.

    Designing a room not just for décor but making it functional is important as well. Cabinets and drawer spaces, closet organization, these all play a huge part in the function and tranquility of the bathroom.

    At Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More, we understand all the factors that play a huge role in each room throughout your home or office, specifically bathrooms. Baths are one of the most remodeled rooms for homeowners in Vero Beach FL. Luckily, remodeling or upgrading your bath has never been easier by contacting Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More!

    We provide all the tools for you to redesign your bath to make it more comfortable, newer designs, and functionality!

    View our Bathroom Gallery on our website to gain an idea of the quality we provide in our services and perhaps you may see something you like. Any photo of your dream design can be custom built by Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More!



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