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“If you can imagine it, find a photo of it or describe it, we can build it!

Top quality products are a trademark of Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More. We feature a full line of custom cabinets and vanities from some of the highest quality cabinet manufacturers. Sometimes the prefabricated cabinets alone cannot fulfill the need and this is where our expertise comes in. We can custom build anything needed. Any color, any size, any configuration, we can make your vision a reality. We can create the luxurious bathroom or kitchen project you’re looking for with the craftsmanship not found in box stores (such as Home Depot and Lowes).

All of the vanities we utilize at Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More are quality-built for lasting durability.  Additionally our in-house craftsman can make sure that you have a custom fit for perfection. Whether you are looking for a specialty walk-in closet, pantry, kitchen update, full remodel or even an entertainment center; we utilize top products for the perfect results you are looking for.

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    Pulls, Knobs, and Accessories

    Our professionals create a unique opportunity for you to save time and frustration by providing a one-stop shop. There is no need to search through endless choices online and in stores. We have a great selection that makes the matching of styles and installation convenient for you.

    Choose from our high-quality, antimicrobial luxury hardware. We have pulls, appliance pulls, cup pulls, drop pulls, ring pulls, pendant pulls, recessed pulls, edge pulls, and pulls for glass doors available. Our spectacular selection will help you find exactly what you need.

    Make a statement in your personalized kitchen design with our designer pulls. You will find these choices are popular for ease and convenience. All of our pulls are made with antimicrobial materials.

    Our team is invested in helping you personalize your new kitchen by helping you find the knobs that put the finesse in your design. You do not have to worry about getting overwhelmed with too many trips to the store to find that perfect fit. We simplify the process by providing you with the options and hardware through our personal vendor.

    Once you have your new cupboards and kitchen updates completed you can display them with lots of lighting. There are different types of lighting ranging from ceiling, counter, and flooring. Keeping your kitchen organized is much easier with our inside drawer and cupboard lighting. Brighten your kitchen with our amazing choices of lighting options.

    Don’t forget to add the extras! Shop our cabinet accessories to find the best solutions for storage and more. Recycling and waste bins can easily be built into your design. Make your new kitchen your dream come true by adding these helpful organizers and accessories.

    We also offer semi-custom cabinets such as:

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