A Bathroom Remodel: The easiest decision to make for your home – Part 2

As discussed in the previous article, the bathroom can easily set the style and feel for your Vero Beach home. Think about the impression that a bathroom appearance has left upon you visiting a friend’s home; that one time that you saw all the avocado green tiles with yellow accents and it screamed the 60’s!

That’s the type of importance that choosing the correct materials can have when choosing the style and functionality of a bathroom remodeling project. Remember most realtors say that traditionally you can see a 75% to 85% return on your investment for the sale of your home with a professionally remodeled bathroom; so making sure that it is right is an important consideration.

In the last article we looked at: no regret flooring, electrical, and the need to add functionality for a great bathroom remodeling project.

In this article will look at some commonly overlooked features of a successful bathroom remodeling project in the Vero Beach area.

Don’t Skimp on the Fixtures

Believe it or not, most of the expense for a quality bathroom remodeling project is in the fixtures. The Toilet, sink, lighting, shower doors, faucets and such not only offer the main function of the bathroom, but are also much of the price as well. Homeowners who are looking to save money on their bathroom remodeling project often will turn to cheaper fixtures to save money; but it may not save you as much as you think.

At Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More we consistently see the largest complaints from our bathroom remodeling customers comes when they elected to use cheaper fixtures in their bathroom remodeling project. It’s a hard feeling to explain but it’s just that bad taste in your mouth that you have when you spent several thousands of dollars on a gorgeous bathroom remodel, only for the faucet fixtures to come apart in your hand three months later.

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Countertops Tell the Tale

Apart from the floors the countertops can easily identify to a visitor the quality of your bathroom remodeling project at a glance. It’s hard to justify using top-quality materials in the floors, walls and fixtures and then skimp on the countertops and ruin the entire look of the bathroom remodel.

Utilizing cheaper materials such as Formica, laminate or resin-based materials can easily give a cheap, box store feel to your bathroom remodeling project. While these materials are more affordable, they also scream cheap. Consider harder, molded materials will that give the upscale look such as natural stone and marble.

Also creating a comparable mix of materials between the sink and the countertop can also make an attractive combination and be functional as well. Consider with your countertop choices the type of flooring that you’re going to use as you don’t want to create a clash of materials that may look good independently, but together create an unsightly mix.

Put Some Light On It

Nothing dulls a bathroom remodeling project faster than poor lighting. Be sure to choose lighting sources for your bathroom remodeling project that really put some light on the subject. Around the sink and vanity is traditionally where lighting is placed; however, take the extra steps to put in overhead lighting, and other areas of the bathroom; such as above the toilet and shower.

By adding some good lighting to your bathroom remodeling project it can really brighten up the colors, as well as, give it a larger open feel; especially for those smaller bathrooms. For those bathrooms sporting a Jacuzzi, avoid the targeted spotlight that traditionally gets stuck in the ceiling above. Consider rather some softer ambient lighting around the edges for more of the relaxing environment.

Local Craftsmanship Matters

Treasure Coast Cabinetry & More provides bathroom remodeling and home improvement services to Vero Beach and surrounding areas. While we have the expertise in all areas of home improvement we specialize in bathroom remodeling, interior & exterior painting and custom woodworking. Satisfied customers rave about the extreme quality of our workmanship while not losing the customer service approach. We don’t use pushy salesman that drive for a quota, each bathroom remodeling project we do is quoted by the owner personally to ensure a consistent, stress free experience.


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